Welcome to our new Core Fitness Studio

Designed with Nature in Mind.

We recognize that most of our time is spent in buildings. At Edgemont Athletic we believe it’s important to create spaces that support our members’ wellbeing. Our Core Fitness Studio is a unique space designed to reconnect us with nature and each other. 

Research shows that nature plays a huge role in healing our physical and psychological states. Biophilic design solutions can reduce stress, lower heart rates and blood pressure while at the same time increasing creativity, productivity, and well-being. 

We believe in creating an interior that connects the human senses with the outdoors.

Our philosophy includes integrating nature into our space through our studio layout design and the use of natural materials and colors throughout.

• The Core Fitness Studio layout is a large open floor plan, designed with integrated and minimalistic equipment storage so you can focus on what’s really important – your workout.

• At 2000 sq feet, this studio is larger than our former fitness studio, and incorporates plenty of scenery and bright natural light – with muted artificial lighting.

• The ceiling in the Core Fitness Studio is two and a half times as high as our old studio. The nature-inspired wooden beams complement the open space throughout.

• Our studio design allows us to offer enhanced classes and programming such as Aerial Yoga, Bungee Fitness, and TRX Suspension Training. These highly specialized classes are not offered in any single studio anywhere else in the city.

Designed for function, connection, and well-being

we hope our members are inspired by the space we have created in our Core Fitness Studio. 

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