Court Booking and Enrollment Policy

Court Booking

Program Enrollments & Payments 

A reminder to all members that private lessons, leagues, clinics, must be enrolled in and paid for through your Edgemont Athletic (EA) app, desktop (see links below) or at the front reception desk prior to service.  

Racquet Court Reservation Policy (applies to Tennis, Squash and Doubles Squash) 

  • Court “Plays” is defined as your name appearing on the reservation either as the person booking or as the opponent(s). 
  • Phone-in court bookings will NOT be accepted. 
  • Player names listed in CourtReserve reservations must accurately reflect/include all players present and playing on the Court.  
  • Members may “early cancel” a court reservation (6) hours prior to the booking. Court reservations    cancelled less than (6) hours prior to the booking are considered a “late cancel”, which may result in penalties* to your account. 
  • Members are restricted to a maximum of (3) hours court play on any single day, which is inclusive of any club programs, or individual bookings. 
  • Future court reservations will become available at 8am each day. Courts may be reserved up to (7) days in advance. 
  • Penalties* apply to members with guests who no show or late cancel. 
  • Court Reserve profile is subject to be deleted if first/last name does not match your Mindbody profile. If this occurs, please re-create a CourtReserve profile with correct first/last name. (Effective 12/05/22) 
  • Walk-On court reservation policy has been suspended and will be re-evaluated for Summer 2023 (Effective 01/03/2023) 

Tennis Membership 

  • Members have access to all squash privileges listed under “Squash Membership.” 
  • Members have (3) court “plays” for Tennis between Monday and Sunday (Effective 01/17/22) 
  • Members may bring one guest per month at a fee of $25 per guest.  
  • Junior Members will continue to have (2) court play rules and are NOT allowed to book/play during restricted hours. (See below- Effective 01/17/22) 
  • Junior bookings are not accessible  
  • Weekdays 7pm until close 
  • Saturday/Sunday/Holidays from open until 2pm

Squash Membership  

  • Members have (3) “future court plays” they can make between Monday and Sunday. 
  • Members have (2) “future double court plays” they can make between Monday and Sunday.  
  • Members can bring two guest(s) per month at a fee of $15 per guest.  

 Racquet Guest Fees 

  • Payment is taken at the front reception when a guest arrives and the member accompanying them should be present during the check-in and guest registration process. Guest must show government issued ID and register at the front desk.  
  • No show guests are subject to the penalties below. 

Policy Violations & Penalties* 

Members found to be in violation of any “Court Bookings Policy & Procedures” outlined in this document may be subject to a restriction or suspension of their weekly booking privileges at management’s discretion.  

 This includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • Failure to list all players on the CR booking accurately or using someone’s name when they are not present may result in suspension of court booking privileges.  
  • No shows or late cancellations may be subject to penalties and reduction of booking privileges at management’s discretion. 

Prior Policy Amendments 

  • Booking hours open daily at 8am for the next seven days (Effective 05/16/22) 
  • Changed “Mindbody” to “CourtReserve” (Effective 05/16/22) 

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Edgemont Athletic Policies, Procedures & Rules are subject to change based on business needs and member feedback.  

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