Court Booking and Enrollment Policy

Court Booking

Program Enrollments & Payments

  • A reminder to all members that private lessons, leagues, clinics, must be enrolled in and paid through your Edgemont Athletic (EA) app, desktop (see links below) or front desk prior to service.

Court Bookings (applies to Tennis, Squash and Doubles Squash)

  • Members can “walk-on” to a court (30 minutes) prior to the open court and bookings must be made at the Front Desk in person. (Effective 01/17/22)
  • Members can cancel (6) hours prior (early cancel) up to the booking. If cancelled within the (6) hours (late cancel), members are subject to penalties.*
  • Courts can be booked up to (7) days in advance.
  • Phone in court bookings will NOT be accepted.
  • The players on the court must be reflected in the CourtReserve booking.
  • Court “Plays” is defined as your name appearing in a booking either as the person booking or as the opponent(s).
  • Maximum amount of (3) hours of court play each day, inclusive of leagues, lesson, walk-on.
  • Booking times open at 8am (Effective 05/16/22)
  • Penalties* apply to members with guest who no show or late cancel.

Squash Members

  • Members have (3) “future court plays” they can make between Monday and
  • Members have (2) “future double court plays” they can make between
    Monday and Sunday.
  • Members can bring two guest(s) per month at a fee of $15 per guest.

Tennis Members

  • Members have access to all squash privileges above.
  • Members have (3) court “plays” for Tennis between Monday and Sunday (Effective
  • Junior Members will continue to have (2) court play rules and are NOT allowed to book/play during restricted hours. (See below- Effective 01/17/22)
    • Junior bookings are not accessible. Weekdays at or after 7pm,
      Saturday/Sunday/Holidays open – 2pm
  • Members can bring one guest per month at a fee of $25 per guest.

Guest Fees

  • Payment is taken at front desk when guest arrives.
  • Member must be present with guest upon check-in or/ checked into the club within
    an hour. Guest must show government issued ID and register at the front desk.
  • No show guests are subject to penalties below.


  • Loss of one week booking privileges.
  • Booking privileges will be suspended after three strikes within a calendar month.
  • The rules are designed to create the best member experience.
  • Penalties apply to the following but not limited to the below.
    • Guest and/or member no shows.
    • Guest and/or member late cancels.
    • Players on the court do not reflect CourtReserve booking.

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Rules are subject to change based on business needs and member feedback.
Please work with us as we transition into the new booking platform!

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